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Simplify Your Eastern WV Commute

Living in WV's Eastern Panhandle, you can enjoy a lower cost of living without a longer commute. Compare driving distances from Eastern Panhandle communities to top employment destinations, including Washington, DC and major airports. If you have questions about WV's Eastern Panhandle, contact us at Kable Team Realty.

Where Do You Need to Go?

Select your destination to see commute distances from various communities in WV’s Eastern Panhandle.

Commuting to Loudoun County, VA

Government administration, manufacturing, retail and professional services provide plenty of job opportunities in this area of Virginia. Top employers in Loudoun County include the US Department of Homeland Security, Verizon, Inova Loudoun Hospital and Raytheon. Compare commutes between WV Eastern Panhandle towns and Loudoun County cities below.

Community Leesburg Ashburn Dulles
Charles Town, WV 23 miles 33 miles 60 miles
Ranson, WV 24 miles 33 miles 60 miles
Shepherdstown, WV 33 miles 43 miles 70 miles
Harpers Ferry, WV 24 miles 33 miles 60.1 miles
Bakerton, WV 29 miles 38 miles 65 miles
Halltown, WV 24 miles 33 miles 60 miles
Millville, WV 26 miles 34 miles 61 miles
Rippon, WV 29 miles 37 miles 64 miles
Shenandoah Junction, WV 28 miles 38 miles 65 miles
Summit Point, WV 32 miles 41 miles 68 miles
Kearneysville, WV 30 miles 40 miles 67 miles
Martinsburg, WV 37 miles 47 miles 74 miles
Inwood, WV 35 miles 44 miles 71 miles
Hedgesville, WV 46 miles 56 miles 83 miles
Falling Waters, WV 48 miles 57 miles 85 miles
Gerrardstown, WV 51 miles 60 miles 87 miles
Bunker Hill, WV 52 miles 44 miles 71 miles
Glengary, WV 44 miles 64 miles 91 miles
Ridgeway, WV 44 miles 51 miles 78 miles

Commuting to Fairfax County, VA

Capital One, CSRA, Freddie Mac, Hilton Worldwide, Inova Health System and Leidos are among the nearly 50 companies that have headquarters in Fairfax County. Compare commutes between WV Eastern Panhandle towns and Fairfax County communities below.

Commuting to Frederick County, MD

With ideal locations along major highways, Frederick and Winchester offer a relatively direct commute from many communities in WV's Eastern Panhandle. Compare commutes between towns in the Eastern Panhandle and towns in the Frederick County area below.

Community Frederick, MD Winchester, VA
Charles Town, WV 28 miles 23 miles
Ranson, WV 28 miles 23 miles
Shepherdstown, WV 33 miles 36 miles
Harpers Ferry, WV 22 miles 30 miles
Bakerton, WV 22 miles 32 miles
Halltown, WV 24 miles 27 miles
Millville, WV 25 miles 28 miles
Rippon, WV 34 miles 17 miles
Shenandoah Junction, WV 30 miles 29 miles
Summit Point, WV 36 miles 16 miles
Kearneysville, WV 35 miles 30 miles
Martinsburg, WV 47 miles 24 miles
Inwood, WV 40 miles 16 miles
Hedgesville, WV 45 miles 31 miles
Falling Waters, WV 37 miles 32 miles
Gerrardstown, WV 57 miles 18 miles
Bunker Hill, WV 40 miles 13 miles
Glengary, WV 59 miles 22 miles
Ridgeway, WV 43 miles 11 miles

Commuting to Montgomery County, MD

The National Institute of Standards and Technology, National Institutes of Health, Lockheed Martin and Geico are among the many top employers located in Montgomery County. Compare commutes between Eastern Panhandle towns and Montgomery County communities below.

Community Germantown Rockville
Charles Town, WV 45 miles 53 miles
Ranson, WV 46 miles 53 miles
Shepherdstown, WV 50 miles 58 miles
Harpers Ferry, WV 39 miles 47 miles
Bakerton, WV 45 miles 52 miles
Halltown, WV 42 miles 49 miles
Millville, WV 42 miles 50 miles
Rippon, WV 51 miles 59 miles
Shenandoah Junction, WV 47 miles 55 miles
Summit Point, WV 53 miles 61 miles
Kearneysville, WV 52 miles 60 miles
Martinsburg, WV 65 miles 72 miles
Inwood, WV 57 miles 65 miles
Hedgesville, WV 61 miles 69 miles
Falling Waters, WV 54 miles 62 miles
Gerrardstown, WV 74 miles 82 miles
Bunker Hill, WV 57 miles 65 miles
Glengary, WV 76 miles 81 miles
Ridgeway, WV 60 miles 68 miles

Commuting to Washington County, MD

Bordered by Pennsylvania to the north and West Virginia to the south, Washington County is well connected by interstate highways. Hagerstown and its top employers (including Meritus Medical Center, Citi and First Data) are within easy reach of the Eastern Panhandle via I-81. Compare commutes between Eastern Panhandle towns and Washington County below.

Community Hagerstown
Charles Town, WV 38 miles
Ranson, WV 38 miles
Shepherdstown, WV 18 miles
Harpers Ferry, WV 29 miles
Bakerton, WV 25 miles
Halltown, WV 31 miles
Millville, WV 32 miles
Rippon, WV 45 miles
Shenandoah Junction, WV 35 miles
Summit Point, WV 40 miles
Kearneysville, WV 31 miles
Martinsburg, WV 23 miles
Inwood, WV 30 miles
Hedgesville, WV 20 miles
Falling Waters, WV 13 miles
Gerrardstown, WV 32 miles
Bunker Hill, WV 32 miles
Glengary, WV 35 miles
Ridgeway, WV 36 miles

Commuting to Warren County, VA

Many of Warren County's largest employers are in the healthcare, education, government, retail and construction industries. Compare commutes between WV's Eastern Panhandle and Warren County below.

Community Front Royal
Charles Town, WV 35 miles
Ranson, WV 36 miles
Shepherdstown, WV 46 miles
Harpers Ferry, WV 43 miles
Bakerton, WV 45 miles
Halltown, WV 39 miles
Millville, WV 41 miles
Rippon, WV 30 miles
Shenandoah Junction, WV 41 miles
Summit Point, WV 30 miles
Kearneysville, WV 54 miles
Martinsburg, WV 48 miles
Inwood, WV 40 miles
Hedgesville, WV 55 miles
Falling Waters, WV 56 miles
Gerrardstown, WV 42 miles
Bunker Hill, WV 37 miles
Glengary, WV 46 miles
Ridgeway, WV 35 miles

Commuting to Washington, DC

Though WV's Eastern Panhandle feels far from the hustle and bustle of our nation's capital, major highways and public transit connect our region to the DC metro area. Compare commutes between the towns in WV's Eastern Panhandle and Washington, DC below.

Community Washington, DC
Charles Town, WV 63 miles
Ranson, WV 64 miles
Shepherdstown, WV 79 miles
Harpers Ferry, WV 68 miles
Bakerton, WV 69 miles
Halltown, WV 64 miles
Millville, WV 65 miles
Rippon, WV 68 miles
Shenandoah Junction, WV 68 miles
Summit Point, WV 72 miles
Kearneysville, WV 70 miles
Martinsburg, WV 78 miles
Inwood, WV 75 miles
Hedgesville, WV 86 miles
Falling Waters, WV 83 miles
Gerrardstown, WV 91 miles
Bunker Hill, WV 75 miles
Glengary, WV 95 miles
Ridgeway, WV 81 miles

Commuting to Major Airports

Travel is a breeze when you live close to several regional and international airports. Compare commutes between the Eastern Panhandle and the region's biggest airports, including Dulles International Airport in Virginia and BWI Marshall Airport in Maryland.

Charles Town, WV 39 miles 64 miles 76 miles 41 miles
Ranson, WV 39 miles 65 miles 76 miels 40 miles
Shepherdstown, WV 49 miles 80 miles 81 miles 26 miles
Harpers Ferry, WV 39 miles 69 miles 70 miles 38 miles
Bakerton, WV 45 miles 70 miles 75 miles 33 miles
Halltown, WV 40 miles 65 miles 72 miles 43 miles
Millville, WV 41 miles 66 miles 73 miles 44 miles
Rippon, WV 44 miles 69 miles 82 miles 47 miles
Shenandoah Junction, WV 44 miles 69 miles 78 miles 37 miles
Summit Point, WV 48 miles 73 miles 84 miles 43 miles
Kearneysville, WV 46 miles 71 miles 83 miles 34 miles
Martinsburg, WV 53 miles 77 miles 95 miles 25 miles
Inwood, WV 51 miles 76 miles 88 miles 33 miles
Hedgesville, WV 62 miles 87 miles 92 miles 22 miles
Falling Waters, WV 64 miles 84 miles 85 miles 15 miles
Gerrardstown, WV 66 miles 92 miles 105 miles 35 miles
Bunker Hill, WV 51 miles 76 miles 88 miles 35 miles
Glengary, WV 71 miles 96 miles 107 miles 37 miles
Ridgeway, WV 57 miles 82 miles 91 miles 38 miles

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