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Buying a Home in Charles Town:

Why mortgage pre-approval is important to empowering your home purchase

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage loan for your home is a wise idea because you'll be in a better position in which to negotiate with a seller. In addition, sellers will look at your offer more closely, because they know that your financing is already secure.

What to Have When You Get Pre-Approved

When you meet with a lender, you'll provide some general financial information to determine a home's price that best suits your ability to pay, as well as your comfort level. By doing this, you'll be able to:

  • Know what your house payment will be prior to your purchase.
  • Spend quality time only looking at the homes you can afford to buy.
  • Choose the best loan without the pressure. In today's market, you'll have many loan options in which to choose, and your lender will explain each and give recommendations as to which one suits your situation best.
  • Know what your estimated closing costs will be.
  • Relax and enjoy your home-buying experience.

As a final note, it's also worth considering taking one extra step and getting full loan approval. It's an excellent approach to your Charles Town new home purchase! If you are interested in seeking a pre-approval letter, please contact us, and we will direct you to local mortgage lender.