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The Home Selling Process:
A Step-by-Step Guide

Whether your goal is to sell quickly or for top dollar, selling your home requires a bit of preparation. We understand that the home selling process can seem overwhelming, especially if this is your first home sale, so we have provided a step-by-step guide to learn what to expect. Select one of the eleven steps below or connect us to learn more about selling your home in WV's Eastern Panhandle.

Home Selling at a Glance

A kitchen with newer countertops.


Find a Trusted WV REALTOR®

Going FSBO, or selling For Sale By Owner, is nearly impossible even for the most experienced real estate investor. Instead, enlist the help of an experienced REALTOR® who understands your needs, is always available and has a long list of happy clients. Our team has years of experience helping homeowners sell quickly and for top dollar. Connect with us and let's talk about your home selling goals.


Consider Value-Boosting Home Improvements

Before you list your home, take stock of any upgrades, improvements or additions you have made to your home. Your REALTOR® will also recommend both minor and major repairs and improvements that can boost your home's value. These projects may include something as seemingly insignificant as painting your living room walls to a major project like replacing kitchen countertops.

Talk with your REALTOR® about which improvements make the most sense based on what buyers want in a home like yours. You may not need to invest as much money or time as you think.


Determine the Right Price for Your Home

The initial listing price can make or break your home sale. Work with your REALTOR® to determine an asking price that is both fair to you and appealing to buyers. Consider the price of similar homes that are currently available or have recently sold, as well as the condition and location of your own home. For an accurate report of your home's market value, ask your REALTOR® for a Comparative Market Analysis.


Clean, Declutter and Depersonalize

Hopefully, you have already started decluttering some of the bigger collections of unused furniture and other items stored in your attic, basement or closets. Continue to work through your home and remove clutter, junk and even personal decor. Potential buyers expect to see a home that is free of clutter and personal mementos. Then, work with your REALTOR® to stage your home and take professional photos for your listing.


List and Market Your Home

After your REALTOR® has put your home on the MLS (the local listings database), he or she will alert other buyers. This is where working with a skilled real estate professional can really pay off. He or she will be able to reach interested home buyers through online advertising, print marketing, social media and even local agent networks.


Show Your Home to Buyers

Buyers may request to see your home any time of day or week, so it's important to keep it neat, clean, organized and staged. Additionally, you should be ready to leave the house during showings to avoid making buyers uncomfortable. Have questions about what to expect during showings? Contact us!


Negotiate and Accept an Offer

If a buyer wants to buy your home, they will make you a written offer, which usually includes their mortgage amount, closing and occupancy dates and any contingencies. You can either accept the offer or work with your REALTOR® to negotiate different terms. Our real estate professionals are expert negotiators, so we have been able to help our clients sell quickly and for top dollar.


Sign a Purchase and Sale Agreement

Once you and the buyer have agreed upon an offer, you will both sign a legal contract called a Purchase and Sale Agreement. This outlines the specific terms, conditions and contingencies of the home sale. Have questions about the specifics of these contracts? Just ask!


Cooperate with Home Inspections

Next, the buyer will hire a home inspector to ensure that no major repairs will be needed after they buy the house. The inspector will go through every inch of your house, paying particular attention to the roof, basement, heating and cooling systems, structure, plumbing and electrical systems. If the inspector finds any needed repairs, the buyer can negotiate for the costs of the repairs.


Enter Escrow

Next, you will enter escrow, which is a "limbo" period between selling your home and receiving the proceeds from the sale. You may remember this step from buying your home, though rather than putting money down, your role is now to hold up your end of the agreement. During this time, you and your real estate agent will work with an escrow company to complete paperwork and ensure that all parts of the contract are complete.


Sign, Pay and Close!

On a predetermined closing date, you and the buyer will sit down with your agents to sign all the paperwork and pay all your fees. You will relinquish your keys and your property title, and you will receive a check for the remaining balance after the remainder of your mortgage is paid to your bank. Congratulations—you have now sold your home!

We'll Help You Sell Quickly and for Top Dollar

We have the experience, local knowledge and resources you need to accomplish all of your home selling goals. If you're considering selling your home or are ready to list, contact us and let's discuss your plans.

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